Kyle Bartley was a major contender in the Crystal War.


First Robotech War

Kyle was a fighter pilot in the First Robotech War. After the final battle, he fell in love with a micronised Zentradi named Vala Norri. However, he made a controversial mistake, which lost him his job and his love. (Crystal Dreams 1: Crystal Dreams)

Crystal War

Chrystal War2

Kyle fighting with Max Sterling during the Crystal War. (Crystal Dreams 1: Crystal Dreams)

After being kicked out of the RDF, Kyle became a news reporter. In 2021, he was invited aboard the incomplete SDF-3, where Vala was coinceditially stationed, to look for a news story, as a large and unidentified group of Zentradi had just folded around Saturn. He was granted a Veritech to get there. During his trip to the ship, the first attack of the Crystal War began. He was able to help his ex-co pilot Max Sterling fight off the first round of enemy attackers, and was thus re-allowed into the RDF.

Vala and Kyle Bartley

Kyle with ex-girlfriend and future-wife, Vala Norri. (Crystal Dreams 1: Crystal Dreams)

Vala was not happy to see him, still angered with his mistake during the First Robotch War. (Crystal Dreams 1: Crystal Dreams) Within a year, the war had been won by the humans. (Robotech II: The Sentinels)

Behind the Scenes

It is possible to interpret the characters and designs in Robotech: Crystal Dreams to be an attempt to suggest that Kyle Bartley and Vala Norri would later be the parents of Rook Bartley, as Vala was identical in design to Rook and Kyle shared her last name. However, game creator Chuck Romberger has clarified that this was not meant to be purposeful, and that the basis was likely done due to limited designs. He did, however, admit that the idea was interesting.

However, unless a Primary or Secondary source visits the idea, it is totally fan speculation.

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