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Louie Nichols was a hovertank pilot in the 15th Alpha Tactical Armored Corps during the Second Robotech War, serving under Dana Sterling. He was a scientific genius: often being able to find the secrets to the technologies of the Robotech Masters when the head scientists in the United Earth Government could not — he discovered the Bio-Magnetic Network in the enemy ship: a weakness that turned the tide of the battle. He also helped in piecing together much of the technology of the enemy Bioroid along with Miles Cochrane, and he also developed the Pupil Pistol. Nichols was forced to evacuate the Earth at the start of the Third Robotech War, working alongside Dr. Cochrane for many years, and later became the science officer on the Icarus under Vince Grant.

Louie and Janice Shadow Chronic

Louie with Janice Em Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles


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