Jim Austin, more affectionately known as Lunk, was a biomaintenance engineer that returned from the expeditionary forces to fight off the Robotech Masters.


Befone the Third Robotech War

He was a member of the Expeditionary Force that returned to Earth to fight the Robotech Masters.

Third Robotech War

While supporting a ground unit, he arrived in time to see his best friend (the only survivor of the unit) being hotly pursued by Invid. Jim lost his nerve and fled the scene, leaving his friend to certain death. Jim was ashamed of his desertion and hid his past, assumes the nickname of Lunk.

When a local gang of bikers found out about his past, they began terrorizing him and his friends. One day, while chasing Lunk and a friend, they caused him to crash. The bikers captured Lunk's friend and ran off with him. While Lunk was about to run away again, Scott and Rook were ready and willing to go after the gang and rescue his friend. This reawoke Lunk's sense of duty, and he lead Scott to an old Alpha fighter he had been maintenance after the Invid attacked.


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