Lynn Minmei was a very famous human singer during the First Robotech War, releasing many songs and having many great roles on the ship. She served a key role in the final attack on Dolza's forces. Afterwards, she became one of the few non-militant members of the SDF-3 as a semi-stowaway.

Robotech Expeditionary Force

In 2022, on the verge of the launch of the REF, led by the newly completed SDF-3, Rick and Lisa were finally married. Minmei, despite her latent feelings for Rick, was able to sing with her new partner Janice Em at their wedding. Even so, she could not help but feel sad as Rick and Lisa ran off to their honeymoon, and she quietly said to herself "Goodbye, Rick." (Robotech II: The Sentinels: Wedding Day, I Do!)

Minmei, feeling that she didn't say good-bye to Rick and Lisa appropriately, decided to aboard the SDF-3 the next day with Janice Em to say good-bye, however their attempt failed and Minmei nearly suffocated in the small ship that they had snuck aboard in, but was saved by Jonathan Wolfe. As she recuperated in the medical ward, a mysterious stranger visited her in her sleep. She traveled with it on its mission to find the Robotech Masters' homeworld, which lasted almost twenty-two years. (Robotech II: The Sentinels: Here, There, and Everywhere)

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