Macross Incident 01

The alien object just before it impacts Macross Island.

The Macross Incident was a pivotal moment in the history of Humanity. It occurred in 1999 when an object from space crashed down onto Macross Island in the South Pacific.

As the object crashed landed, it left tremendous destruction in its wake. It destroyed at least one city and wiped out an entire US Navy carrier battle group near Macross Island.

In the aftermath of this disaster, various nations around the world declared a ceasefire in the Global War being fought and worked towards a more united Earth. Unknown to the public, the object that crashed into Macross Island was in fact an alien spaceship. This discovery along with the revelation that the ship was manned by giant aliens resulted in fear among political and military leaders about the threat of an alien invasion.

Over the course of several years, Earth was united under one banner, and humanity made great technological strides forwards thanks to the amazing technology found in the alien vessel, which was rebuilt to serve humanity. The incident also set the foundations for the first human-alien war a decade later.

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