Macross Island

Macross Island in 2009. (Macross Saga: Boobytrap)

Macross Island was an uninhabited island in the South Pacific. In 1999, the island was the site of the crash landing of the SDF-1. In 1999, the USS Kenosha was on a mission to track the SSGN Minsk near Macross Island. The Kenosha and its battlegroup were sunk by the arrival of the SDF-1. (Comic: Robotech: From the Stars 1: From the Stars, Macross Saga: Boobytrap, et al.)

Following the crash, people moved to Macross to study the alien vessel and the city of Macross City was built around the crashed vessel. (Robotech: The Macross Saga: "Boobytrap"; Comic: Robotech: From the Stars 1: From the Stars) Macmartin Island was a close neighbor of Macross and was the location of a United Earth military installation that was responsible for the testing of the first Veritech fighters. (Comic: Robotech: From the Stars 2: Call to Duty)

In 2009, the island was attacked by Zentraedi forces as they attempted to recapture the Zor's battlefortress. Portions of the island were also destroyed by the initial firing of the SDF-1's main cannon. In an attempt to take the battle away from Earth the SDF-1 went to hyperspace over the island. The island and the surrounding ocean was encapsulated in the hyperspace fold and transported out into space, near Pluto. (Macross Saga: Boobytrap, Countdown, Space Fold)


For the Macross equivalent, visit South Ataria Island.

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