This is not a canon film

This work is not considered Canon in the Robotech universe. Either it was never meant to be canon or was later reconnected out of continuity. On this site, we consider any works that majority contradict primary material or has been officially resigned by the Robotech team to be non-canon.

Macross Mini is a one off comic printed as the back of the first issue of Antarctic Press' Robotech comic series in 1997. It featured two gag strips; both center around chibi-Destroids attempting actions more prone to Veritech fighters.

The first strip sees a Spartan attempt transformation, only to turn into a red-and-green Volkswagen Beetle. The second shows a Phalanx attempt to fly from a launch pad after seeing a Veritech shoot off in the same way, only to have its legs ripped off and whipped into the air, leaving the rest of his body behind. A Tomahawk exclaims "Cool!"

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