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This work is considered secondary-cannon. Although it has not yet been removed from the Robotech universe, it is still not considered Primary Canon. See Continuity and Canon in the Robotech Universe.

Maria in the Invid Hive. (Robotech: Invasion )

Maria Allentes was a member of the Robotech Expeditionary Force who was sent to Earth in a time prior to 2044. Her partners included Anna and Vera. She met with Tasha Dixon during her time on the planet, who helped the group steal Doctor Osmund's H-109P Destabilizer, which they used to pierce the hull of the Invid Hive at Reflex Point. There they met an Invid-Human, as well as Xed.

According to one source, Dixon killed the hybrid, and Xed in response killed Anna and Vera.

Another source suggests that Xed killed Tasha, and the remaining three attempted to kill the spy, who they believed to be working with Xed. The hybrid was forced to destroy the three so he could stop Xed. (Robotech: Invasion )

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