Robotech: Invasion Part One is the first issue in the Mars Base One back-up comic series, printed in the back of Robotech: Invasion Part One. It detailed the final days of Mars Base One and the life of Karl Rieber.

Publisher's Summary

Robotech's New Generation launches into action as a large-scale war erupts against the Invid. In the year 2038, Earth has fallen to the fearsome forces of the mysterious Invid race, but Admiral Hunter's expeditionary force is about to unleash its first strike to reclaim their homeworld! Plus, Part 1 of the backup story "Mars Base One," set 35 years earlier as the United Earth forces begin building its first top-secret colony on Mars.


After Lisa is saved by Henry Gloval in the Escape Pod of the SDF-1, She recalls her past on the day she lost her mother and met her 1st love.

Memorable quotes

  • Karl Riber: You sound almost like that paranoid tyrant Admiral Hayes!
    Donald Hayes: May I remind you that paranoia is a virtue that can save your life?



Vessels and vehicles


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