Mars base one bye bye mars

The base, moments before destruction. (Macross Saga: Bye-Bye Mars)

Mars Base One, aka Mars Base Sara was a Robotech Defense Force installation on the planet Mars. In 2003, the scientist Karl Rieber, fiancee to Lisa Hayes, was assigned there with Jenkins. Colonel Rodriguez was the officer in charge. Two years later, they tested the new Reflex Furnace, which attracted the attention of a Zentraedi gunship led by Krohn. A Cyclops was deployed, which targeted the base's defenses and life support systems. The Cyclops was chased off by the Oberth, and the staff evacuated in a shuttle. Krohn's ship returned and destroyed the Earth starship and the shuttle, stranding Rieber and other survivors. They were able to channel the power of the Reflex Furnace into a powerful blast, destroying the Zentraedi warship.

Years later, during the SDF-1's fateful trip back to Earth, they stopped at Mars to pick up badly needed supplies from the Base. The Zentraedi, led by Khyron, arrived first and established Gravity Mines near the base. When the SDF-1 landed, the mines were activated, trapping the ship on the planet. They devised a plan to destroy the mines by detonating the Base's Reflex Furnace. Commander Hayes volunteered to activate it. She found Rieber's room, and wished to stay there, but Rick Hunter rescued her just before the Furnace exploded, freeing the trapped Battlefortress. (Macross Saga: Bye-Bye Mars)


In Robotech: The Roleplaying Game Book Six: The Return of the Masters, it was misspelled as Serra, and erroneously mentioned to be in active service, where it was destroyed at the start of the First Robotech War.


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