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  • I'm a Wiki Manager in the Anime Vertical. I assist local staff with developing and improving wikis.

    You can contact me about anything, including CSS, templates, wikitext, moderation of both content and Feeds (Discussions), reporting bugs or contacting Fandom directly.

    I noticed that the wiki could use a new background, because this one is too narrow and there is a lot of black space below it - unless you want to keep it. It's my suggestion, nothing more.

    I'll go through the wiki to see if anything needs fixing, categorizing and reporting to you!

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    • Template is at

      The wiki blocking seems to have been fixed.

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    • I checked the template. It does seem to work, so I guess it got fixed without my help. But if it bugs again, tell me.

      About the edits vs visitors question: there is a number of ways to try to attract people to editing, but that usually increases when new releases from the series premiere.

      • Check out Special:Community and see if there's anything new to be added there or maybe the page needs rebuilding. New users like to be pointed directly to a page that needs fixing and be told what needs fixing. Experienced editors think for themselves more, but new ones are unsure / scared. I know there are suggestions on top of this page, but maybe something needs adding to "how to help out"? Any suggestions, like "fix this in the episode pages"?
      • When someone new edits the wiki, it's good to greet them personally and tell them that if they need help and suggestions, they can message you (or other admins).
      • Add something new in Discussions, maybe someone will get involved in the community more after commenting there? It's not a rule - not all Discussions visitors like to edit - but it's always a chance.
      • How about replacing the Animanga link in "community" with another link to Special:Community, but showing as "How to help" (it should be written as **Special:Community|How to help there). Many users click in top navigation links, so they might find that there.

      Sorry for ignorance on the live action movie, but is it new? I'm a little out of the loop about Robotech right now. If it's new, it might be worth showcasing it more in top navigation and/or main page with a separate link etc. That boosts the number of visitors and possible editors.

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  • Hey Grey, I wanted you to know that I'm going to be attempting to adopt the wikia. Basically I'm going to attempt to gain the power to make other people admins so that we can run the site more effectively (I don't have this power right now). I hope this isn't too much of a bother for you and I also hope that it doesn't make you upset.

    Also obviously I don't need to do this if you update my rights without the bother.

    Have a good day!

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  • Hi Grey Lurker!

    I would love to help out with this wiki, though I'm somewhat unsure where to start in terms of adding info, so I figured I'd ask if you need any specific sections edited, or the whole thing edited for consistency, as these speak to my strengths.

    I'm a long-time Robotech fan (since it first aired), an avid roleplayer, and a bit of an internet guy by way of my career. Additionally, I went to school to be an editor and do that on a freelance basis from time to time, so my skills are up to date.

    Let me know. I figure this way I can get a little more used to wikis (I've only worked with 2 or 3 so far, so I consider myself a novice) before I start actively trying to add and expand the content.

    Wikis I've worked with: (1), (2)

    If you've got nothing specific, no worries; I'll dip my toes in. Don't hesitate to contact me about anything else Robotech specific, either!

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    • Thanks, will do! Hope you're feeling better soon!

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    • It's good to hear from you again Grey! Have great health!

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