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For the episode, see Metal Fire.

Metal Fire was a Robotech novel written by Jack McKinney and published in 1987. It was the second of three focusing on Robotech: The Masters, and was collected into the Robotech: The Masters Saga: The Southern Cross omnibus.


An alien fortress had crashlanded on Earth. But the most recent arrival from the galaxy's more sinister side had been brought down deliberately. Now it sat silently overlooking Monument City, as though daring someone to penetrate its dark mysteries.

And who better to test the mettle of that ship than Dana Sterlings 15th Squadron ATACs -- after all, they had brought the thing down to begin with!

The mission read like a one-way ticket to doom; but for Dana it was a chance to get a glimpse of the glories of her ancestor race. And perhaps a chance to glimpse at the pilot of the red Bioroid who haunted her dreams -- an alien called Zor........

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