Professor Cochran was one a scientist working for the United Earth Government during the Second Robotech War.


Second Robotech War

Cochran, along his partner Samson Beckett, was in charge of scanning an alien Bioroid to try and discover what type of Mecha is was. Upon close inspection, they discovered that it contained traces of bio-genetic matter. They found that the pilot was humanoid, and according to their research they believed it to be Human, rather than the previously presumed micronized Zentraedi. After doing the tests over again to check their findings, Cochran reported the information discovered to Rolf Emerson, who began to believe that the many humans who were going missing in combat might have started to be used by the Masters, possibly as pilots.

Later, he met with Dana Sterling and Louie Nichols, the later of who had been doing research of the enemy Flagship and had discovered a few key elements to its design. It did not seem to have an engine, but instead was powered by a balanced-protoculture-reaction, wherein an explosion and implosion were occurring at the same time, canceling each other out and making an energy flow. Louie believed that upsetting the flow would cause great harm to the ship. Dana said that her team would be completely ready to do the mission once they could identify a place to enter in the ship, to which Cochran noted that the 15th Squadron was unlikely to be chosen due to their track record. Dana said that she believed otherwise, as she later used Bowie to convince Emerson to use the team. (Masters Saga: "Danger Zone")

After the capture of Zor Prime, Cochrane and Beckett were put in charge of study him and also keeping him alive. At the time, he was in a poor state, and had to be kept on a machine to help him breathe. Zor was almost taken out of Cochrane's command when Anatole Leonard did not approve of him being assigned the pilot without his permission, but Rolf Emerson apologized for not telling him and talked Leonard to leave Zor in Cochrane's control. (Masters Saga: "Outsiders")

Third Robotech War

Cochran Prelude

Miles Cochrane during the Third Robotech War. (Robotech: Prelude to the Shadow Chronicles)

Cochrane survived the Second Robotech War and the Invid Invasion of Earth at the start of the Third Robotech War. He later worked with Louie Nichols to do various tasks for Rick Hunter. (Robotech: Prelude to the Shadow Chronicles)

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