Lyn Xianne

Minmei's mother is furious at the premise of her going back to the SDF-1. (Macross Saga: Force of Arms)

The mother of Lynn Minmei lived in Yokohama, Japan from before 2003 to 2010. Minmei thought highly of her, and called her the "sweetest woman in the world." She owned the Golden Dragon, a Chinese restaurant in China Town, with her husband. (Macross Saga: Homecoming) For unknown reasons, Minmei had taken a mostly-permanent living on Macross Island by 2006, living with her Aunt Lina and Uncle Max in their own restaurant. (Robotech: From the Stars) After being lost in space on-board the SDF-1 for a year and being presumed dead, Minmei visited her family, who were shocked to see her alive. Minmei's mother wanted her to stay in Japan. She allowed Minmei to return to the SDF-1 under the clause that Lynn Kyle go with her. (Macross Saga: Homecoming) She was killed in the Zentraedi Rain of Death in 2010. (Macross Saga: Force of Arms)
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