Moon Base Luna‏‎ was a major Moon-based military installation that was established prior to the First Robotech War, and played a crucial role as a staging point for returning deep space reinforcements during the Third Robotech War. It was based on the dark side on the moon. This facility was originally constructed concurrently with Mars Base Sara, with Luna serving as a military outpost and observation post. During the Reconstruction Era, the facility was used as the link of the Earth forces to Space Station Liberty, the closest Robotech Expeditionary Force (REF) base operating in deep space. The facility was destroyed by the Robotech Masters during Second Robotech War, and was later rebuilt and repurposed as a military forward base by both the United Earth Forces and REF.



Early Foundation

After the alien battlefortress crash landed on Earth the United Earth Government's newly established Robotech Research Group began developing ways to test the potential of the new science of Robotechnology. This initiative began with the construction of several off-world bases, such as Moon Base Luna and Mars Base Sara. Moon Base Luna would serve as the military based facility, located on the dark side of the moon.

The facility survived the First Robotech War, and served as a crucial observation base during the Reconstruction Era. The facility came under attack and was destroyed after the Robotech Masters entered into the moon's orbit.

Earth Reclamation Mission

Luna was reconstructed following the Invid Invasion of Earth to serve the large forward base for the operation to reclaim Earth. It became the staging ground for several of the Mars Base Earth Reclamation fleets, while it's sister facility, Moon Base ALUCE served as an observation and research station for hostile Invid forces.

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