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"I have seen this weapon before. The Humans cannot possibly understand its destructive power."
- Regess to Ariel.

Neutron S Missile Shadow Chronic.png

Neutron-S missiles are extremely powerful and devastating weapons of mass destruction.

They were given to the Robotech Expeditionary Force by the enigmatic Haydonites who had agreed to help Humanity in reclaiming their homeworld by providing them advanced weaponry, including Shadow Technology and the Neutron-S Missiles.

They provided many warheads were provided with a number accompanying the REF on their campaign to retake Earth. Before the offensive began, the SDF-3 and the science vessel Deukalion moved into the Omicron Sector to test one of them. As the countdown to the launch progressed aboard the Deukalion, the Zentraedi Exedore suddenly recognized the weapons and tried to stop the launch before they made a terrible mistake. Unfortunately, he failed and was killed along with the majority of the crew when a black hole was created from the detonation. Shortly thereafter, a Haydonite vessel arrived to finish them both off.

Captain Vince Grant, onboard the Icarus, managed to reach Admiral Hunter aboard the SDF-3 who warned his colleague to prevent the weapons from being used on Earth. However, they could not return in time to warn General Reinhardt about the threat. The Battle of Reflex Point was turning against the Human forces as Scott Bernard and the Robotech Rebels had chosen to negotiate with the Invid Regess rather than destroy the central hive. With all other options exhausted, including a direct assault by Shadow Fighters, Reinhardt ordered the use of the weapons. The Regess, taking note of them as they began their approach, recognized them in much the same way Exedore had aboard the Deukalion. Finally understanding what was at stake, the Invid decided they would no longer wait to be slaughtered. They withdrew from Earth, leaving for parts unknown, and disintegrated the warheads as they went.

The Haydonites, disappointed with this outcome, started the Fourth Robotech War to finish what they had begun. During the Battle of Space Station Liberty, Captain Grant decided to detonate the stored Neutron-S missiles aboard the station to halt the Haydonite advance. Escaping aboard the Ark Angel, they watched from afar as the Haydonite armada burned in the fires of their own weapons.

As it is of Haydonite design, it's possible that it can be classed as an example of Shadow technology.



  • Before the creation of Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles and its comic tie-in Prelude to Shadow Chronicles, it was largely implied that the warheads were examples of REF technology.