Tactical Battlepod
Type: Mecha
Affiliation: Imperial Zentraedi Forces
Height: 16.55 m
Depth: 12.66 m
Breadth: 11.4 m
Armaments: 1 x single barrel heavy Beam cannon
2 x quadruple-barreled medium beam cannons
2 x single barrel medium cannons (480 rounds
2 x single barrel light cannons (2000 rounds)
6 x short range 150mm Missiles
Crew: 1 pilot

The Officer's Battlepod (also known as Glaug) were issued to higher officers in the Zentraedi armed forces, when they are in the field commanding forces of Regult Battlepods.

Although the Officer's Battlepod was large and not thickly armored, its protection was superior compared to that of the standard Battlepod. This was partly because it was thicker, but mostly because the Officer's Battlepod was better at deflecting incoming fire due to its streamlining. It also had a heavy cannon armament, with three beam cannons, including a large, long-range cannon on top, and four smaller projectile weapons in the chin and in the arms. In addition, there is a 'last ditch' missile battery with six missiles.

The Officer's Battlepod was both a capable ground fighter and an effective space fighter. In the latter role, its four main engines and numerous smaller engines make it quite nimble. In addition, the mecha could travel short distances under water, usually to and from Zentraedi drop-ships. In combat against human mecha, the heavy armament and mobility often offset the lesser armor.


Usually, this mecha is colored in a white/grey scheme, with ochre canopy and feet.


Tertiary sources


For the Macross equivalent, visit Glaug.

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