SDF-1 in Barrier

The Barrier is activated during an enemy attack. (Robotech: Battlecry)

The Omni-Directional Barrier System was a defensive system that was used to protect a subject by enclosing it within a protective spherical energy shield.

After the Macross Incident, Humans onboard the SDF-1 created the barrier system to replace the Pinpoint Barrier System. Once activated, it brought about an almost complete drain on the energy reserves of the vessel making it susceptible to an overload. During the First Robotech War, it was used to defend the ship in the Ontario Quadrant during a Zentraedi attack. However, the repeated assaults by Khyron led to the barrier overloading and destroying not only the Zentraedi fleet but the city as well. It was used at the end of the war as the primary means in eliminating Dolza's fortress‏‎ as well as most of the Zentraedi Armada.

In the Third Robotech War, it was discovered that the Invid used a similar system to protect their Hives from the attacks of the Earth Reclamation Force.



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