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This work is considered secondary-cannon. Although it has not yet been removed from the Robotech universe, it is still not considered Primary Canon. See Continuity and Canon in the Robotech Universe.

Peryton was a world in the Local Group. It is home to the devil-like Perytonian race. It was a barren, desert-like planet--due to a "magical" curse.

The Curse

The Curse of Peryton began 2,000 years before the arrival of Zor the planet. A schism in the planet’s global church divided the populace into two factions: the orthodox Law of One, led by the Supreme Theurge; and the heterodox Left-Hand Path, championed by a charismatic leader calling himself the Macassar. The ensuing holy war was brutal--ancient cities crumbled beneath the magic-like energies let loose throughout the planet.

In what would have been the final confrontation, the Law of One made a surprise attack against the Left-Hand Path near the planet's shrine to Haydon. During the battle, the Macassar lost both his sons; in a moment of sorrow and desperation, he was caught undefended. The Supreme Theurge struck the Macassar down. In the moment before his death, the Macassar called on his last reserve of psionic energy, and declared:

“That this day would have never happened. That this battle should continue until they are returned to me. Or until such time as two willingly give up their lives that my children might live.” [citation needed]

With that plea, the Macassar died--and the world became cursed.

Though the Law of One nominally won the war, the Macassar’s Curse would rule the planet for millennia. Every day, the battle replayed itself until it played itself out or until dusk--when the battle would jump to another location on the planet. Destruction to the planet because of this repeated battle would be permanent--but no new lives were lost. Anyone (Perytonian or offworlder) wounded or killed by the recurrent war would be healed the next day--or raised from the dead. Daily, the Macassar repeated his curse, ensuring the battle’s return. [citation needed]

When Zor first came to Peryton, he had assumed the curse was mundane storm. He selected several locations to plant the Flower of Life in hopes of healing the planet’s recurrent devastation. This, inevitably, brought the Invid to Peryton. [citation needed]


In the original outline for the Sentinels, Peryton was a magic using world with a population of Tirolian/Human looking race. Burak was in fact originally a mutated Peryton.

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