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The Perytonian Burak.

The Perytonians were a devil-looking, humanoid race native to the planet Peryton in the Local Group. Because of the race's ability to use "the stuff of stars," they were often called Energy Wizards.

Similar to many worlds within the Local Group, the Perytonian homeworld was seeded with a mutant strain of the Flower of Life by Zor. This led to their conquest at the hands of the Robotech Masters. Peryton would eventually be conquered by the Invid with Burak placed onboard the Farrago as a trophy for the Regent. Thie Perytonian would reluctantly join his fellow prisoners in revolt and help form the resistance group known as the Sentinels.


Though the Waltrips did not complete the Sentinels comic book series, they have commented elsewhere that they had planned on introducing the character of Joryk, Burak's brother--who would join Burak instead of Tesla in attempting to end their homeworld's curse.

In Prelude to the Shadow Chronicles, a Perytonian is present amongst the Sentinels, though whether this is Burak or some other Perytonian is unknown.

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