Stardust Piano & Bar

Dana and Bowie outside of Piano & Bar. (Masters Saga: "Stardust")

Piana & Bar was a music and bar co-op in Monument City which was the host to many performers. Bowie Grant was very fond of it, and visited it often, despite it being considered against GMP laws for a soldier of the Southern Cross to be seen at a bar. Bowie argued that it was more of a Cafe. (Masters Saga: "Prelude to Battle") At various times, Bowie would come to the Cafe and play Piano for the entertainment of others, often with the popular singer George Sullivan, who was secretly working undercover for the GMP. (Masters Saga: "Stardust")

Bowie was once caught by a GMP Officer, who took him to Nova Satori, who was very upset at his actions at the bar. Dana agreed to take responsibility and look after Bowie.

The next day, the night before a large mission wherein the 15th Alpha Tactical Armored Corps would be infiltrating the Tirolian Mothership which had crashed near Monument City, Dana suggested that Bowie go to the bar to play the piano. There, Bowie was insulted by a man at the bar, and was involved at a brawl. For this, he was locked in the Brig, and was banned from going on the mission for the next day. At the last minute, however, Rolf Emerson ordered the release of Bowie for the mission, much to the annoy of Dana. (Masters Saga: "Prelude to Battle")

After having her beliefs of the captive Bioroid Pilot be ignored, Dana and Bowie went to the bar, where Dana met George Sullivan, who asked to see her again. She snuck around back afterwards, where she discovered that George was secretly looking for the GMP. (Masters Saga: "Stardust")

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