Arla-Non leads the sisterhood.

The Praxians were a female Humanoid race that were native to the planet Praxis located within the Local Group.

Their entire society consisted of warrior women who had a unisexual society with reproduction afforded to those members of the sisterhood who made use of the Whaashi. This allowed offspring to be birthed who were always female and raised within their culture. As a result of their society, the females of Praxis tended to feel that males were an inferior gender though acts of bravery and aggression tended to garner their respect.

Similar to many worlds within the Local Group, the Praxian homeworld was seeded with a mutant strain of the Flower of Life by Zor. This led to their conquest at the hands of the Robotech Masters and the Praxians tended to feel a great enimity to the Tirolians who they felt were all liars. Their hatred for the Masters would also extend to their Zentraedi warriors. Praxis would eventually be conquered by the Invid with Bela and Gnea placed onboard the Farrago as trophies for the Regent. The pair would revolt with the other slave crew and form a resistance group known as the Sentinels that sought to free their worlds.

The Regess would settle on Praxis temporarily where she began conducting experiments in evolution by using the Genesis Pits. She believed that the Praxians were superior specimens which would allow her kind to evolve to the next evolutionary stage. However, the experiments were a failure and the Genesis Pit destabilized the planet leading to its destruction. As a result, the Regess took her Praxians captives and placed them in prison holds on Haydon IV.

When the Sentinels arrived on Haydon IV, the planetary defense grid was programmed to ignore them and target the Invid only when they showed aggression. This allowed the warrior women of Praxis to break free and they liberated themselves from their Invid conquerors.


Waltrip did not complete the Sentinel comics and thus the fate of the Praxians was unknown though a timeline book featuring future events indicated that the survivors of Praxis would have been relocated to Optera. The planet now bereft of the Invid was renamed New Praxis by the Praxians.

In Prelude to the Shadow Chronicles, a Praxian is present amongst the Sentinels, obviously Gnea.


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