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Praxis during the time that is was occupied by the Invid. (Robotech II: The Sentinels: Preperations (Again))

Praxis was a world within the Local Group and home to the female society of the Praxians. It was a planet filled with forests and villages with large eagle-like animals also residing on it.

It was suspected that the planet was once visited by the enigmatic being known as Haydon with Cabell believing that he was responsible for gifting the natives the Whaashi technology which allowed for procreation. The native Praxians developed into a warrior culture and a completely female one based due to reproduction being handled by the Whaashi. It also came under the dominion of the Robotech Masters leading to the Praxians holding nothing but scorn for the Tirolians and their Zentraedi warriors.

Similar to the other worlds of the Local Group, Praxis would be invaded and conquered by the Invid during their war against the Robotech Masters. In this time, the Regess would relocate her part of her people to the planet in order to conduct her experiments in evolution by using a Genesis Pit. She believed that the female warrior Praxians would prove to be a suitable stock in these bio-genetix experiments. Ultimately, the experiments were a failure and led to a destabilization in the planet's core. As a result, the Regess relocated to Haydon IV where she took the entire Praxian race as hostages.

After the liberation of Karbarra, the Sentinels moved to Praxis and were unaware of it being abandoned as well as the critical chain reaction in the world's core. When they departed for the surface, the Farrago came under attack from the Regent's forces who destroyed the vessel and stranded the Sentinels on the doomed planet. Ultimately, however, they managed to escape with the assistance of Jonathan Wolfe before Praxis exploded.


Its not known in the Shadow Chronicles continuity whether Praxis was destroyed or still exists.

According to Robotech Art Book 3, Praxis was once home to a highly advanced civilization. For reasons not known, it was reduced to a tribal society with only the Whaashi and the anti gravity globes as relics of this civilization. Also, the Art Book 3 seems to state that the planet Praxis didn't get destroyed and was liberated by the Sentinels.


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