Project Valkyrie holo

Project leader Colonel T. R. Edwards introducing Project Valkyrie.

Project Valkyrie was a classified United Earth Government project to design a Veritech fighter using advanced Robotechnology gained from the crashed SDF-1.

The project was first introduced in 2002. (Robotech Infopedia) By 2006, the project was under the command of Colonel T. R. Edwards with Doctor Emil Lang heading the design team. The project was based out of Macmartin Island off Macross Island. Numerous pilots were assigned to the project, including ex-Mercenary pilots. In that year, Roy Fokker was assigned to the project as the test pilot for the prototype vehicle. (Robotech: From the Stars comic: "Call to Duty", "The Program")

YF-1 prototype01

The YF-1 Valkyrie heading for its first engagement.

The prototype's first action was against Anti-Unification League fighters when Fokker defended an aircraft transporting Jan Morris to Macross Island. (Robotech: From the Stars comic: "The Program")

A second Anti-Unification League attack saw the prototype damaged. While Fokker successfully utilized the fighter's Guardian mode he was unable to maintain control of the fighter leading to a crash landing. This incident coupled with numerous others in the complex project saw the brief cancellation of the project. Funds from Project Valkyrie were to be absorbed by Project Excalibur, a project to design destroids and the Lancer Space Fighter. (Robotech: From the Stars comic: "The Gathering Storm")

However, after Fokker was able to defeat numerous Lancer fighters and the Armor-1 carrier using the YF-1 the project was restarted. (Robotech: From the Stars comic: "Commitment") By 2007, the VF-1 Valkyrie entered full production. (Robotech Infopedia)

Personnel assigned to the project

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