Reconnaissance Battlepod
Battlepod, Reconnaissance
Type: Mecha
Affiliation: Imperial Zentraedi Forces
Height: 18.2 m
Depth: 7.2 m
Breadth: 12.6 m
Armaments: none
Crew: 1 pilot

The Tactical Battlepod was the standard Zentraedi infantry mecha, and the most common as well. With its multiple thrusters, the Regult can also function as a space fighter, a task to which it was often assigned. Apart from the standard model, there are four variants, some common, others less common or very rare. Usually, this mecha is colored in a blue/grey/white paint scheme.

Among the strong points of the Tactical Recon Battlepod (also known as Quel-Regult) are simplicity, sensor load, speed and mobility. Although unarmed, this battlepod is one of the most dangerous opponents on a battlefield, because it makes an excellent forward observer for missiles launched from other mecha and ships. Little will escape the notice of this battlefield scout; it has a large sensor load, and a qualitatively good one as well. The speed and mobility of the Regult is superb; the mecha is very fast, can travel underwater, and has a large jump capacity to deal with terrain and obstacles.

The main disadvantage of the Battlepod is its vulnerability. Not only does it lack even a modest armor protection, its shape does not lend itself to deflecting incoming fire. Worst of all the battlepod has a distressing tendency to explode when its main body is pierced by even a medium caliber round.

Tactical Recon Battlepods were assigned as needed to the mecha strike forces; and despite the lack of armament almost all Zentraedi field commanders greatly valued these somewhat scarce Battlepod variants.

Scout Pod

Exedore arriving aboard the SDF-1 using a Reconnaissance Battlepod


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