Rem was a male Tirolian who was secretly a clone of Zor: the founder of Robotechnology. He was created by Cabell after the death of Zor, and was one of two clones made of the scientist, the other being Zor Prime, who was created by the Robotech Masters as they sought to find the location of the SDF-1 that held the only known Protoculture Matrix in the universe.

Initially, he was completely unaware of his origins as a clone, and was under the tutelage of Cabell when the Robotech Masters abandoned Tirol in order to search for Earth where the Zentraedi were defeated. As a result, Rem was present on the planet when it was invaded by the Invid Regent. He later joined the Robotech Expeditionary Force after they saved the planet's populace from the Invid threat.

He was briefly present on Space Station Liberty, where Cabell told him that a new war for Protoculture would emerge and that he feared that he would never see an end to the cycle of warfare. Rem attempted to comfort him by saying that at least the fighting had left Tirol in peace and that he would be returning to his homeworld to study the new Neutron-S missiles for Admiral Rick Hunter. While being escorted by Maia Sterling, he bumped into Dana Sterling, and asked if he knew her -- to which she replied "in another lifetime" whereupon she walked away after not speaking to her sister.

Behind the Scenes

According to Robotech Art 3, the character was supposed to play a larger role in the unproduced Sentinels animated series. Similar to the comics, he would not have realized he was a clone until Cabell was killed. After feeling guilty for what Zor had done, Rem attempted to enlist Janice's aid in going back in time and seed all worlds with the Flower of Life which would have nearly destroyed the universe if he succeeded. During T. R. Edwards rebellion, Rem would attempt to control the rampaging Inorganics on Tirol, and initially failed before the REF succeeded in destroying them.

The Sentinels Timeline comic produced by Waltrip brothers would show that Rem would, later on, tap into the memories of Zor in order to create a new Protoculture Matrix. This is also mentioned in Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles.

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