Rico was one of the Zentraedi spies that was sent to understand life on board the SDF-1. However, he and his coworkers soon became infatuated with culture on board the ship, and lead a mass defection to the ship upon returning home. This was a great turning point of the war, as many humans on the ship and few off the ship began to contemplate peace with the alien race. In New Macross City, Rico and his fellow defectors found various jobs in order to survive in their new life style, always staying positive despite the odds. The three served as godfathers to Dana Sterling and helped raise her after Dana's parents did not return from the Pioneer Expedition as expected, according to some accounts.


Rico is the leader of the three Zentraedi spies sent to study Micronian culture aboard the SDF-1. With no understanding of concepts such as entertainment and leisure, he comes to many misconceptions. (Macross Saga: "Blue Wind")

Rico and the spies later become infatuated with human culture leading them defecting to the Robotech Defense Force.


For his Macross counterpart, visit Loli Dosel.

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