"Robotech/Voltron 1" is the first issue of Robotech/Voltron — the first Robotech comic series printed since "Prelude to the Shadow Chronicles" seven years earlier. It was the first serious Robotech crossover, although comedic Ninja High School and Dinosaurs For Hire crossovers had previously been printed in the early issues of Robotech II: The Sentinels.

It was notably the first and only Robotech comic published by Dynamite Entertainment, as the franchise was bought by Sony shortly after the series completed and thus a new direction was swiftly implemented. Dynamite entertainment lost the rights at the start of 2016. This also makes Robotech/Voltron one of the only comics in the franchise that will likely never be republished, as it is unlikely that another company will own the rights to both Voltron and Robotech at the same time. It is complications like this that lead to the creative team going for an "alternate timeline" story, as the events of the series could essentially never be brought up again in any future media.

Publisher's summary

Part 1 of 5. Two of the greatest anime legends of all time are about to collide in one epic saga! The Lion Force team face the return of a mysterious ancient adversary that could jeopardize the very existence of Voltron itself. The repercussions threaten to reach across the fabric of time and space, all the way to Earth. How will Roy Fokker and the Skull Squadron cope with such a new menace, especially with the Zentraedi looming over Macross Island? What opportunities will King Lotor pursue in a crisis like this?


The comic opens with the traditional Robotech while it narrates the opening of Voltron.

On Arus, they detect the Omega Comet approaching. The Voltron Lion Force pilots are ordered to assemble. When they confront the comet, it disappears, taking Voltron with it.

Years pass, and King Lotor has conquered it.

On Earth in 2009, the SDF-1 takes off during the Battle of Macross Island. As it does, the Omega Comet arrives and smashes through Breetai's Flagship. As it approaches the ship, the SDF-1 executes a fold jump. Left behind on Macross Island, Max and Ben find the crashed Black Lion.



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