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"Robotech/Voltron 2" is the second issue of Robotech/Voltron, the first Robotech comic series printed since 2007 and the first Voltron comic printed since 2008. It was the first serious Robotech crossover, although comedic Ninja High School and Dinosaurs For Hire crossovers had previously been printed in the early issues of Robotech II: The Sentinels.

Publisher's Summary

The spectacular mecha crossover continues as Earth and the distant world of Arus are profoundly altered by a mysterious rift in the very fabric of time and space. However, these events were set into motion a generation ago. King Alfor makes a daring endeavor at great personal cost to save the people of Arus, including his young daughter Allura, from a future of enslavement, with or without Voltron. On Earth, Roy must once again face the consequences of personal tragedy and broken promises, and a secretly reconstructed robotic lion may be part of the answer!

Plot summary

In a flashback, the Drule Empire approaches Arus as the Omega Comet passes. Lord Yurak betrays the Arus delegation by summoning Haggar.

There is another flashback to the first Gulf War. Pops and Tweety are under fire. They are forced to eject, but Tweety doesn't make it. At his funeral, he promises to take care of young Roy Fokker.

In 2014, a now-grown Fokker looks over the graves of his family, including that of Rick Hunter, assumed dead when the SDF-1 was lost. The Omega Comet is passing by at the same time. He is summoned back to Alaska Base, where the RDF reveals to him that they believe the vessel was torn from there reality, and that they were rebuilding the Voltron Lion Force mecha.

Meanwhile, behind the moon, Khyron's forces have been scanning for signals pertaining to the SDF-1. Rather than return to the Robotech Masters, Khyron desires the glory for himself.



From the Voltron universe

From the Robotech universe

Vessels and vehicles

From the Voltron universe

From the Robotech universe



Graphic novel vs Robotech vs Voltron

Roy visits the same grave that Rick did in Robotech: The Graphic Novel

  • The grave of Pop Hunter seen in this comic is the same as that which Rick Hunter visits in Robotech: The Graphic Novel. Pop's name is again seen as "Earl" as it was there, while in the earlier series From the Stars, his name was "Mitchell." Despite this, the writing and design of the character more similarly mirror the later story.

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