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"Robotech/Voltron 4" is the fourth issue of Robotech/Voltron, the first Robotech comic series printed since "Prelude to the Shadow Chronicles" seven years earlier. It was the first serious Robotech crossover, although comedic Ninja High School and Dinosaurs For Hire crossovers had previously been printed in the early issues of Robotech II: The Sentinels.

Publisher's Summary

Bimonthly! Part 4 of 5. The mighty Super Dimension Fortress One has become the target of not just Khyron, but also King Lotor. Captain Gloval now finds the SDF-1 and its crew trapped in the conflict between the conquered world of Arus and the dark powers of the Drule Empire. Back on Earth, Commander Keith Kogane and the partially reassembled Voltron Force must venture away from the relative safety of Macross Island to search for their lost teammate Allura. A clue left by her late father Alfor may be the missing key to find their way back home.

Plot summary

The SDF-1 has arrived in Arus after passing through the temporal distortion caused by the Omega Comet.

On Macross Island, Khyron's forces spring their Gravity Mines trap, however, they were thwarted by the Voltron mecha.

At Alaska Base, the RDF and the Voltron Force discuss the situation. Kogane wants to take the Black Lion out. Colonel Edwards betrays him, but is shot down by Roy Fokker, and they go to seek Princess Allura.

On Arus, the crw of the SDF-1 analyze the situation and are contacted by Coran. They land to meet. Meanwhile, Rick Hunter is approached by the ghost of King Alfor.

Memorable Quotes

  • Gerao: "As you observed, my lord, we encountered a new type of mecha."
    Khyron: "Invid?"
    Gerao: "No. They bear a resemblance to Hellcats, but they are not Invid..."
  • Gerao: "Unlike the Invid Inorganics, my lord, I believe these Mecha have living pilots."
    Khyron: "Well, Gerao. If these new Mecha also have Micronians inside, then that means they're still just as vulnerable beneath their skin!"



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