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This work is considered secondary-cannon. Although it has not yet been removed from the Robotech universe, it is still not considered Primary Canon. See Continuity and Canon in the Robotech Universe.

For further uses of the term "Battle Cry," see Battle Cry (disambiguation)
"Robotech: Battlecry"
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Composed by Jesper Kyd
Studio Vicious Cycle Software
Licensor Harmony Gold USA/TDK Mediactive
Release date 23 September 2002
Previous Robotech: Crystal Dreams (cancelled)
Next Robotech: Invasion

Robotech: Battlecry is a third-person shooter and flight video game developed by Vicious Cycle Software and published by TDK Mediactive.

The game was the first to be successfully released for the franchise (a previous game, Robotech: Crystal Dreams, was cancelled near the end of production) and was published on several platforms (Nintendo Gamecube, Playstation 2, and Xbox). The game's story is often considered to be secondary Canon by the fanbase and producers, although characters from the game have appeared in core continuity comics.


Chapter 1 (First Robotech War)

Pre-Game sequence

The game follows the exploits of ace pilot Jack Archer. After serving as a mercenary in the Global Civil War, Jack begins help on the reconstruction of the SDF-1. Roy Fokker, who remembers fighting both with and against Jack during the war, talks Jack into flying a Veritech for the RDF.


The opening mission takes place during the first episode of the animated series, during the initial attack on Macross City by the Zentraedi (Macross Saga: "Boobytrap"). Jack Archer, a member of Wolf Squadron, fights alongside of Roy Fokker's Skull Squadron against enemy Fighter Pods in the sky over Macross Island. Jack is then tasked with defending a flight of Sea Sergeant helicopters before being ordered back down to Macross City.


After defeating the enemy in the sky, Jack is ordered to "Drive the alien ground forces out of Macross City." Jack must fight through the winding streets of Macross City as squads of Zentraedi Battlepods rampage around him. Once he has cleared zone 209 of the enemy, Jack then moves to zone 214 to aid a small squad of Spartan Destroids against several waves of Battlepods.

Bursting Point

Bursting Point takes place several months after Countdown. When the SDF-1 initiated the Space Fold above Macross Island, Jack was caught at the edge of it and was severely wounded. Following many months in the hospital he was reassigned to Alaska Base. When the SDF-1 finally returns to Earth, Jack visits in order to attend Roy Fokker's funeral, but before he can leave, he is caught in the attack by the Zentraedi warlord Khyron on the SDF-1 (Macross Saga: "Bursting Point"). Rejoining his friend Izzy Randal and Wolf Squadron, Jack must dogfight in the sky over Toronto until the Omni-Directional Barrier System protecting the fortress overloads, forcing his Squadron to flee.

Force of Arms

Archer joins in the SDF-1's guard forces until the time comes to withdraw. An enemy ace, Kiyora, starts ripping into Wolf Squadron, so Jack duels her until she retreats.

Chapter 2 (Post-First Robotech War onwards)

After the Imperial Zentraedi Forces are defeated during the Rain of Death, Archer and his wingmen settle into a new normal during patrols of the outlands from Base-6. Archer engages the Malcontents on multiple occasions, protecting civilian settlements like Graystone. He then comes into contact with a sub-commander named Skarrde.

Chapter 3

As Khyron and the Malcontents continue to attack, Zeraal rally's the Scavengers for his own ends. After taking out a reactivated Zentraedi ship at Granite City and stopping the theft of protoculture supplies, The RDF uses a Catseye Recon to scan for the Zentraedi HQ and Jack defends it on this mission. Granite city is eventually taken over by the Zentraedi who have taken hostages and Jack leads a mission to rescue them and lead them to the RDf Perimeter. Later on, Jack meets up with Rick Hunter and protect Lynn Minmei at her concert in Granite City. To stop the enemy ace Kiyora, Jack and Izzy Randal go into Zeraal's territory and take her on but Izzy is shot down and Jack fights off Kiyora to save her. Jack and Hiro defend an attack on Little Mesa but the civilian bunkers are attack and many lives are lost. To stop a vengeful Hiro from executing a wounded Skarrde Jack disables his Destroid in battle but this causes a rift between them.

Chapter 4

With Izzy in the hospital and the Zentraedi threat increasing, Jack and Hiro are let off easy as the RDF needs every soldier it can get. With resources running down, the frontier towns are evacuated to Base-6. Zeraal had found a Zentraedi ship full of armor and weapons to supply his army and stepped up his attacks. After evacuating Graystone and nearly getting killed by Hiro leaving his position to let Jack fight alone, Jack meets with a Zentraedi Double Agent in Enemy Territory to retrieve a Data Capsule. The Agent is revealed to be Skarrde who was moved by Jack saving his life to believing in the Micronians. Knowing Zeraal is aware of his betrayal, he chooses to stay behind and die as Jack escapes. After a space mission to take out Scout Pods in the debris field around the Earth, he took out Zentraedi Shuttles filled with Protoculture to keep it out of the hands of Zeraal and defended Armor-10 from a Zentraedi Cruiser. Jack then went into Enemy Territory to take out more Shuttles on route to Zeraal in the hills and too out a Supply Depot to hamstring his efforts. Jack proceeded to assist Destroids against Male Power Armors and slew Gorion in battle to avenge Little Mesa. Later on, Hiro went missing and Jack went against orders to get Izzy and a Catseye to search for him. upon fining him alive in a crippled Destroid, Jack and Hiro patched things up and fought off Zentraedi before returning to base. Jack then went on to recover supplies from New Macross City that were shot down in Enemy Territory.

Chapter 5

Zeraal's forces close in on Base-6. Archer leads the defense and duels with Kiyora, ultimately killing her. He then goes on offensive against the surviving attackers and goes into Zen City to find Zeraal. The Malcontent leader then executes a Space Fold using a crashed Zentraedi Carrier and ends up near Saturn. The two duel, and then Archer wins. His damaged Veritech then floats away.


Chapter 1

  1. Boobytrap
  2. Countdown
  3. Bursting Point
  4. Force of Arms

Chapter 2

  1. Ambush Hills
  2. Trouble in Graystone
  3. Special Delivery
  4. Destroids in Danger
  5. Unwanted Guests
  6. Dark Skies
  7. Flood City
  8. Knife's Edge

Chapter 3

  1. Rebel Revenge
  2. Sabotage
  3. Call to Arms
  4. Power Struggle
  5. Cat Scan
  6. Trial by Fire
  7. Hostage Crisis
  8. Daring Rescue
  9. Party Crashers
  10. Road to Ruin
  11. Deadly Storm
  12. Graveyard
  13. Little Mesa
  14. Enemy Within

Chapter 4

  1. Goodbye Graystone
  2. Narrow Escape
  3. Burning Bridges
  4. Double Agent
  5. Hidden Agenda
  6. Mutiny
  7. Backlash
  8. Lightning Strike
  9. None Shall Pass
  10. Vengeance
  11. Cat and Mouse
  12. Stormy Friendship
  13. Defiance
  14. Attrition

Chapter 5

  1. Besieged
  2. Showdown
  3. No Escape
  4. Warpath
  5. Welcome to Zen City
  6. To the Death





  • Barry Fasman
  • John O'Kennedy

Art Direction

  • Eric Peterson

Production Management

  • Marc Racine - director of production

Art Department

  • Ben Cloward
  • Tad Irish
  • Matt Larson
  • Ben Lichius
  • Scot Loving
  • Sara Maher
  • Jeff Miller
  • Donovan M. Valdes
  • Chad Whitsell

Sound Department

  • Roland Rizzo


  • Stephanie Ackerman - brand manager
  • Lee Baldwin - senior programmer
  • Allan Campbell - programmer
  • Adam Cogan -lead game designer
  • Josh Cole - programmer
  • Greg Coombe - programmer
  • Douglas Cox - senior programmer
  • Luke Hodorowicz - programmer
  • Ryan Kaminaga - senior tester
  • Donn Nauert - quality assurance director
  • John C. O'Neill - senior programmer
  • Leslee Pitschke - assistant product manager
  • Rick Raymer - game designer
  • Jeremy Rosenthal - production assistant
  • Reza Sadafi - lead tester (as Reza Safi)
  • Debra Shlens - senior marketing manager
  • Jonathan Sterman - programmer
  • Deirdre Toomey - programmer
  • Amilcar Ubiera - senior programmer

Special Thanks





Guest Characters




Veritech Paint schemes

  • Jack
  • Izzy
  • Rick
  • Max
  • Miriya
  • Patriot
  • Wolf
  • Stealth
  • Skull One
  • Trainer
  • Generic



Collectors' Edition

"Robotech: Battlecry" was released as both a stand-alone game version and a more expensive Collectors Edition. The latter came in a silver box with the game and included a packet of 3" X 5" cards of character concept art from the game drawn by Tommy Yune, a card depicting a Veritech fighter in action, a Battlecry t-shirt vacuum packed into a disc-shaped tin with card RDF logo on top, the game's soundtrack on CD, and a specially numbered Jack Archer dogtag.

The player can unlock the multiplayer mode by completing objectives during the mission. Also, the game's bonus content is in the form of interviews with the voice actors, who were returning to the series for the first time since its release.