The rare CD.

The Robotech: Battlecry Soundtrack is a CD from TDK Mediactive which features music from the Robotech: Battlecry video game that drew on Ulpio Minucci and Arlon Ober's original themes, but was limited to playback from synthesized instruments. It was bundled as part of special edition box sets of the game.


  1. Robotech Main Theme: Battlecry Remix
  2. Countdown (inspired by the Alien Attack)
  3. Force of Arms
  4. Bursting Point
  5. Dark Skies (inspired by Battle Stations)
  6. Destroids in Danger
  7. Boobytrap
  8. Ambush Hills (inspired by Roy Fokker's Theme)
  9. Rebel Revenge
  10. Call to Arms
  11. Hostage Crisis (inspired by Rick Hunter's Theme)
  12. Trial by Fire
  13. Daring Rescue
  14. Graveyard (inspired by the SDF-1 Theme)
  15. Warpath
  16. Lightning Strike
  17. Showdown (inspired by the Zentraedi Theme)
  18. Welcome to Zen City
  19. To the Death
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