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This work is considered secondary-cannon. Although it has not yet been removed from the Robotech universe, it is still not considered Primary Canon. See Continuity and Canon in the Robotech Universe.

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Robotech: Class Reunion was an Antarctic Press issue. It took place during Robotech: The New Generation and featured Scott Bernard meeting a fellow soldier on Earth who was not all who he seemed. The book suggests that it takes place before the episode "Paper Hero."

Plot summary

Scott Bernard's band stops for rest, but is attacked by an Invid swarm. They are rescued by Aaron James, an old training partner with Bernard who has started protecting a town after the second Earth Reclamation Force failed. When the Invid Regess discovers that Bernard is in the town, they attack. It is revealed that James is working with the Invid, and betrays Bernard's rebels, but is attacked by Bernard's Alpha. He is then captured by the Invid and taken away.




  • The end of the story, the Invid take the crushed body of Aaron James from the wreckage and fly away with him. Scott notes that he doesn't want to think about that they need him for. The comic series Robotech: Invasion also portrayed the Invid taking Humans as captives, and using them in science experiments which were essentially torture.