"The Gathering Storm" is the fifth issue of Robotech: From the Stars.

Plot summary

Injured during an Anti-Unification League attack during the first test flight of the Valkyrie Fighter, Roy Fokker was visited in the hospital by Claudia Grant, but she caught him during a visit by Jan Morris, who had propositioned him to join her as her private pilot. Claudia leaves in a jealous rage, though Roy does deny Jan's proposition.

Demanding to know why Project Valkyrie was about to be mothballed, Roy approached UEDF high command, and was introduced to Henry Gloval, who explained the truth of the SDF-1's origins and the purpose of both Project Valkyrie and Project Excalibur. He asked Roy to join him under his command of the SDF-1.

Meanwhile, with the dissolution of Project Valkyrie, Shawn Arnold is reassigned to Armor-1, but barely minutes after arriving, he revealed his true allegiance: to the Anti-Unification League! With a small cadre of terrorists acting as technicians, he was quickly able to gain control of Armor-1 and position it to obliterate Antarctic Base. Alerted to the destruction of the base, Gloval and Donald Hayes determined that the space platform would then move on to destroy Alaska and then Macross City, and likely the SDF-1 with them. Realizing their only hope was a fast attack from a transatmospheric fighter, Gloval contacted Roy to recover the Valkyrie before it was scrapped and intercept Armor-1.

Using Vince Grant to distract the deck crew, and ignoring Janine's attempts to recall him and the fighter, Roy took off to intercept the terrorists.


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