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Robotech: From the Stars 6: Commitment is the sixth issue of Robotech: From the Stars.

Plot summary

Roy Fokker approached Armor-1 in the YF-1S, discovering that his former wingman Shawn Arnold was the leader of the Anti-Unification League cell taking over the space platform to attack UEDF installations. Shawn ordered the launch of Lancer space fighters against Roy, but they were quickly dispatched, along with a volley of missiles. Surprised at the versatility of Roy's experimental Veritech, Shawn ordered the launch of a Reflex warhead at Macross City just before Roy was able to disable to bridge and kill the terrorists with a barrage of gunfire.

Janine, Claudia, and Vince sound the warning, but they eventually realized that the yield of the missile would obliterate the entire island; there was no escape. Roy was forced to face re-entry in the experimental fighter to try and target the missile and blow it up before it reached the city. Luckily, he is successful, and he explained to Claudia his true feelings for her.

Later, Leonard secretly contacted T.R. Edwards, chastising him for Shawn's failure to advance the plans of the Anti-Unification League. Edwards is reassigned to Alaska Base. Ironically, Admiral Donald Hayes assigned Lt. Colonel Rolf Emerson to Alaska Base to oversee creation of the Grand Cannon around the same time; Emerson and Leonard would constantly butt heads during the Second Robotech War.

Flashing back to 2015, Rick proposed to Lisa, and some time later, took Skull-One out for one last ride as he thought of his big brother.


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