Robotech: Invasion Part 2 is the second issue in the Robotech: Invasion comic series.

Publisher's Summary

Following a fierce battle with the Invid, Lt. Lance "Lancer" Belmont awakens on Earth in the home of Carla Morales. Trying to piece together what happened to the rest of the fleet, Lancer makes some startling discoveries about his location, but also faces grave danger as Invid Sentries begin searching for him! Plus, in the gripping backup tale, Karl Rieber begins to unravel the real secret behind Mars Base Sara!


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Vessels and vehicles


  • Lancer has crash landed in San Jose, Uruguay, which is 10,823 KM North of Reflex Point. The date is 10 October 2038.
  • An Invid Brain appears and orders the other Invid to investigate a reading of Protoculture.
  • Lancer gets his nickname from Carla because his last name is too damaged to read, making the B in "Belmont" look like an R, thus the entire name reading "1LT Lance R-."
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