Robotech: Little White Dragon part 4 of 6 is the fourth part of the backup story Robotech: Little White Dragon, printed in all six issues of WildStorm Comics' Robotech: Love & War series. It featured scenes from the in-universe film Little White Dragon, as well as production of the piece.


Lynn Kyle's character, Kai-Fun, and his entourage follow the giant, only to join battle! Meanwhile, Lynn Minmei tries to call Rick Hunter.


Kai-Fun's entourage followed the giant back to its lair: a Zentraedi ship! But as soon as they moved in to investigate, the giant attacked, though it wasn't prepared to deal with the likes of Kai-Fun.

As the trailer for the movie "Little White Dragon" ends on a nearby screen, Lynn Minmei was attempting to call Rick via payphone hoping to invite him to the movie premiere.

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