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Robotech: Love & War, Part 1 is the first issue of the comic series Robotech: Love & War. It includes issue 1 of the back-up comic series Robotech: Little White Dragon.


As the Invid succeed in taking Reflex Point, Dana and Bowie look on, and Dana reminisces about her parents: the story of Max Sterling and Miriya Parina.


In 2031, the Invid had successfully taken Reflex Point. Preparing to evacuate the planet, Dana and the 15th Alpha Tactical Armored Corps looked on in defeat as their ships were prepped for flight. Bowie called out to Dana, and she began reminiscing about the fateful meeting between her parents.

Ben Dixon and Max Sterling were close friends by 2009, and had come to see the festivities surrounding the inaugural launch of the SDF-1. Shortly after watching a hotshot pilot crash the unveiling of the Veritech fighters, the SDF-1 fired off into space, and aliens swiftly attacked Macross City! In the ensuing chaos, Ben escaped with his family into the city's shelters, while Max was saved by Lt. Johnny Wolfe. In an attempt to draw off the onslaught, the SDF-1 mistakenly space folded to Pluto, taking Max, Wolfe, and Macross City's shelters with it.

After witnessing the defeat of several of his men and the escape of the SDF-1, Breetai placed Azonia in charge of precision attacks against the human forces. She presented her top warrior: Miriya Parina.

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  • Max wears a blue shirt marked 'M' while Ben wears a yellow shirt marked 'H.' This appears to be a reference to the occasional appearance of Japanese name variants in animation throughout the span of Robotech. In the Japanese Macross, Ben's name is 'Hayao.'

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