Robotech: Love & War, Part 2 is the second issue of the comic series Robotech: Love & War. It includes issue 2 of the back-up comic series Robotech: Little White Dragon.


Miriya reveals the full extent of her combat abilities to Reno and the Robotech Masters. Meanwhile, Ben and Max get the urge to join the Robotech Defense Force.


Wishing to test the skill of the Quadrano Battalion, several Robotech Masters oversaw Azonia and Reno during a trial by combat: Miriya took on a half-dozen armored Zentraedi warriors with only a knife for a weapon.

The SDF-1 hung in orbit around Saturn; it was 2009, and while Ben was losing an arcade game simulating Valkyrie combat against Battlepods, Max was proving his superior reaction timing in a sword-fighting simulator. Suddenly, the SDF-1 came under attack, performing its first modular transformation. The constant fighting spurred Max and Ben to head to the local RDF recruiter in hopes of becoming Veritech pilots.



Vessels and vehicles


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