"Robotech: The Masters"
Themasters titles
Companies Harmony Gold (Production, NA Licensing), Tatsunoko Productions (Animation), Manga Entertainment (UK Licensing)
Adapted From Super Dimensional Cavalry Southern Cross
Episodes 24

The Robotech Masters, also known as Southern Cross or Robotech: The Masters, is the second part of the Robotech television series. It originally aired from April 23rd, 1985 to May 24th, 1985.


Fifteen years have passed since the war against the Zentraedi Forces...

The peaceful life of the survivors of the first alien battle ends with the invasion of the Robotech Masters. They have come to Earth to reclaim the Protoculture Matrix, the power source for the mysterious Robotechnology that was discovered by mankind decades earlier when the interstellar batter-cruiser, the SDF-1 crash landed on Macross Island. [1]



No. Name Air Date
37 Dana's Story
38 False Start
39 Southern Cross
40 Volunteers
41 Half Moon
42 Danger Zone
43 Prelude to Battle
44 The Trap
45 Metal Fire
46 Stardust
47 Outsiders
48 Deja Vu
49 A New Recruit
50 Triumvirate
51 Clone Chamber
52 Love Song
53 The Hunters
54 Mind Games
55 Dana In Wonderland
56 Crisis Point
57 Daydreamer
58 Final Nightmare
59 The Invid Connection
60 Catastrophe


Collected in omnibus form in Robotech: The Masters Saga: The Southern Cross.


This second series of Comico comic adaptations of the Robotech television episodes was released soon after the start of "The Macross Saga" in an aggressive publishing schedule that alternated between each of the three Robotech series every two weeks.


  1. Robotech The Masters Complete Boxset /1/2 Remastered Extended Edition