"Robotech: The New Generation"
Newgen titles
Directed by Robert V. Barron
Adapted From Genesis Climber MOSPEADA
Air date 27 May 1985 to 28 June 1985
Episodes 25

Robotech: The New Generation is the third part of the Robotech television series, which aired from 27 May 1985 to 28 June 1985.


The year is 2031 and following the defeat of the Robotech Masters by Earth's Robotech Force headed by Dana Sterling's 15th Tactical squad, the planet faces a new threat! The spread of the Protoculture spores across vast swathes of the Earth's surface has not gone unnoticed. The mysterious alien race known as the Invid - arch enemies of the Robotech Masters - launch a full scale invasion of Earth. The remaining inhabitants of the planet must struggle to survive against the new alien threat. With only a rag-tag collection of guerilla fighters to defend them, the survivors can only pray for the return of the long forgotten Robotech Expeditionary Force (REF) to save them from total annihilation.[1]



No. Name Air Date
61 The Invid Invasion 27 May 1985
62 The Lost City 28 May 1985
63 Lonely Soldier Boy 29 May 1985
64 Survival 30 May 1985
65 Curtain Call 31 May 1985
66 Hard Times 3 June 1985
67 Paper Hero 1985
68 Eulogy 1985
69 The Genesis Pit 1985
70 Enter Marlene 1985
71 The Secret Route 1985
72 The Fortress 1985
73 Sandstorm 1985
74 Annie's Wedding 1985
75 Separate Ways 1985
76 Metamorphosis 1985
77 The Midnight Sun 1985
78 Ghost Town 1985
79 Frostbite 1985
80 Birthday Blues 1985
81 Hired Gun 1985
82 The Big Apple 1985
83 Reflex Point 1985
84 Dark Finale 1985
85 Symphony of Light 1985


Collected in omnibus form in Robotech: The New Generation: The Invid Invasion.

Comic Books

The third series of Comico comic adaptations of the Robotech television episodes was released soon after the start of "The Macross Saga" in an aggressive publishing schedule that alternated between each of the three Robotech series every two weeks.


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