Robotech is a comic series focusing on Robotech: The Macross Saga. It was published by Titan Comics starting in 2017 and was originally written by Brian Wood,with Marco Turini handling the internal art for the first story arc. Simon Furman and Hendry Prasetva later took over.

Harmony Gold USA and Titan Comics stated during the announcement that they were still working on story details but did not want to simply adapt one of the episodes. They also welcomed fan input.

Later on, Harmony Gold executive Tommy Yune stated that “It starts with the universe that is familiar. We start from the beginning with the SDF-1. We want to have all the fans come in on the ground floor and watch the Robotech universe unfold and throw in some twists and turns that they aren’t going to expect.”


A later statement by Brian Wood outlined the series' new direction.

"Robotech has received direct adaptations in comics before, but it's not been modernized like we’re doing it now. If you think of the new J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek as an example of a way to honor something and also update it, that’s the approach we’re talking."

As part of the promotion, Titan Comics released a teaser trailer for the new artwork.


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Robotech Comic Teaser Trailer

Robotech Comic Teaser Trailer

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