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The Robotech novels were licensed Robotech media in the form of novels. These series of books were published by Del Rey and written by Jack McKinney with some imput from Carl Macek.


The following is the list of novels released by Del Rey in publishing order, Omnibus Editions and a rough chronological story order, except that the events in books #13–17 (The Sentinels) are actually concurrent with books #7–12:

Individual editions Omnibus Collected editions Chronological story order
  1. "Genesis"
  2. "Battle Cry"
  3. "Homecoming (novel)"
  4. "Battle Hymn (novel)"
  5. "Force of Arms (novel)"
  6. "Doomsday"
  7. "Southern Cross (novel)"
  8. "Metal Fire (novel)"
  9. "The Final Nightmare"
  10. "Invid Invasion (novel)"
  11. "Metamorphosis (novel)"
  12. "Symphony of Light (novel)"
  13. "The Devil's Hand" (The Sentinels)
  14. "Dark Powers" (The Sentinels)
  15. "Death Dance" (The Sentinels)
  16. "World Killers" (The Sentinels)
  17. "Rubicon" (The Sentinels)
  18. "The End of the Circle"
  19. "The Zentraedi Rebellion"
  20. "The Masters' Gambit"
  21. "Before the Invid Storm"
  • 01. Genesis
  • 02. Battle Cry
  • 03. Homecoming
  • 04. Battle Hymn
  • 05. Force of Arms
  • 06. Doomsday
  • 19. The Zentraedi Rebellion
  • 13. The Devil's Hand (The Sentinels)
  • 14. Dark Powers (The Sentinels)
  • 15. Death Dance (The Sentinels)
  • 16. World Killers (The Sentinels)
  • 17. Rubicon (The Sentinels) *
  • 20. The Masters' Gambit
  • 07. Southern Cross
  • 08. Metal Fire
  • 09. The Final Nightmare
  • 21. Before the Invid Storm
  • 10. Invid Invasion
  • 11. Metamorphosis
  • 12. Symphony of Light
  • 18. The End of the Circle

* - The last two chapters of Rubicon reference events taking place after Before the Invid Storm

Books #1–12 novelize the story of the TV series; Books #1–6 cover the story of The Macross Saga (at the time known simply as the "First Generation"); The Masters (the "Second Generation") is covered in Books #7–9; and finally, New Generation ("Third Generation") is adapted in Books #10–12. Books #13–17 document the story of the aborted sequel TV series, The Sentinels.

Book #18 is unique as it is set after the events of the final episode of Robotech and wraps up all of the outstanding plotlines and questions that remained after the series ended. Published in 1989, this book was considered to be the final chapter of the Robotech series until the 2006 release of Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles, which introduced a radically alternate storyline.

The last three books were published from 1994–1996. Collectively labelled the "Lost Generation", they take place in the assorted "gaps" in the timeline; Book #19 takes place between the end of the First Generation and the start of The Sentinels, incorporating an adaptation of the Eternity Comic series The Malcontent Uprisings; Book #20 is set following the beginning of The Sentinels but before the start of the Second Generation, incorporating elements from the plots of Robotech: The Movie and Eternity Comics' CyberPirates; and the final book, #21, occurs during the period between the Second and Third Generations and details the Invid invasion of Earth.

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