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This work is considered secondary-cannon. Although it has not yet been removed from the Robotech universe, it is still not considered Primary Canon. See Continuity and Canon in the Robotech Universe.

"The Thirsting" is the first issue of Robotech Genesis: The Legend of Zor, the Robotech-prequel comic series released by Eternity Comics comics in March 1992.


Zor is the son of Senator Zol of the Tirolian Republic and is a citizen of Tiresia where he served as a scientist with his mentor Cabell. He fell in love with a female Tirolian by the name of Arla, the two being lovers. His world had become increasingly dependent on the planets of the Local Group and were facing energy shortages. Zor is working on finding an alternative source of energy and conducts experiments on finding a biological means of creating such power. He was also a proponent of the Tirolian space program which was facing problems and threatened with being discontinued. Ultimately, Zol managed to convince the Tirolian Senate to continue the program and his son was considered one of the applicants for space flight alongside his friend Vard.


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