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This work is not considered Canon in the Robotech universe. Either it was never meant to be canon or was later reconnected out of continuity. On this site, we consider any works that majority contradict primary material or has been officially resigned by the Robotech team to be non-canon.

'Robotech II: The Sentinels' was supposed to be a sequel to the original Robotech series. Unlike the original series, it was intended to feature only original animation.

The series was meant to tell the story of the Pioneer Mission--the further adventures of the heroes of the First Robotech War and their interraction with the coalition of species known as the Sentinels. Animation for three episodes were completed before cancellation, which were adapted into a VHS released film, detailing the wedding of Rick Hunter and Lisa Hayes and the invasion of Tirol by the Invid.


All 65 episodes were written, however, in their entirety, only eight scripts have been known to have been released. The first three episode have been completed, both in the original film and in their own edited down versions for Robotech Remastered.

  1. A New Threat
  2. The Inorganics
  3. Wedding Day
  4. Second Thoughts
  5. Battle for Fantoma
  6. Hunters Moon
  7. Strange Bedfellows
  8. Soft Sector
  9. Revelations
  10. The Liberators
  11. Unlikely Allies
  12. Beasts of Fantoma
  13. Contest of Champions
  14. The Winds Of Change
  15. Toward The Unknown
  16. The Secret
  17. To Free The Children
  18. Patterns
  19. Toward Praxis
  20. Crime & Punishment
  21. Toward Praxis
  22. Crime & Punishment
  23. Star Crossed
  24. Edward's Folly
  25. The Barren Planet
  26. Marooned
  27. The Sacrifice
  28. Lost In Space
  29. The Betrayal
  30. First Failure
  31. Towards Garuda
  32. Dreamers
  33. Raiding Party
  34. The Waiting Game
  35. Fatal Visions
  36. Surrender
  37. Secret Of Haydon
  38. Solitary Confinement
  39. Turn Around
  40. To Begin With
  41. A Delicate Balance
  42. Crystal World
  43. Prisoners Of Spheris
  44. World Killers
  45. ?
  46. Towards Peryton
  47. The Curse
  48. Dance With The Devil
  49. Conquer and Divide
  50. Liberation of Peryton
  51. Towards Optera
  52. Invid World
  53. Operation Optera
  54. Assault On Optera
  55. Symphony of Darkness
  56. Towards Tirol
  57. Beware Of The Handshake
  58. Summit
  59. Checkmate
  60. Requiem For Justice
  61. Rubicon
  62. War Toys
  63. ?
  64. ?
  65. ?


Each week of episodes would have had a new plot feature as well as a new name to go with it:

  • Week 1: Operation Tirol
  • Week 2: Mission Impossible
  • Week 3: The Coming of the Sentinels
  • Week 4: The Liberation of Carbonara
  • Week 5: The Liberation of Praxis
  • Week 6: Final Battle on Praxis and Journey to Garuda
  • Week 7: The Liberation of Garuda
  • Week 8: The Liberation of Haydon IV and Edwards' Invid Pact
  • Week 9: The Liberation of Spheris
  • Week 10: The Liberation of Peryton
  • Week 11: The Sentinel Journey to Optera
  • Week 12: The Rebellion of Edwards
  • Week 13: The Return of Rick Hunter


The core Robotech continuity accepts only the "broad strokes" of the Sentinels era, although the finished animation is canon.



The Sentinels storyline was adapted into five novels by Jack McKinney, the team of writers who wrote the novelizations of the original series. The storyline in the novels departed from the scripts of the animated series at several points. Carl Macek stated that what they had done with the final novel they produced, The End of the Circle, was nothing like any of his plans and that he had "no idea where they got it."

The Robotech franchise officially disowned the continuity of the novels in 2005 with the creation of Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles.

Comic Books

The comic adaptation, however, has remained partially canon since then.

The Robotech comic series was published by Eternity Comics and later Academy Comics and was released based on the TV show. The comics only covered the story through the opening of the fourth book. The comics continued in Robotech: Prelude to the Shadow Chronicles, finishing the gap between Robotech II: The Sentinels and Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles.

Role-Playing Game

Palladium Books, which had produced a table-top role-playing game based on the Robotech series, also produced a role-playing game for The Sentinels.

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