Robotech Research Center

The Research Center. (Robotech: The Movie)

The Robotech Research Center is a scientific facility located on Earth in the Far East Sector.

Constructed with the intention of studying Robotechnology, the Center was also tasked with studying the alien super computer known as EVE. The scientists in the facility had been studying it for years and still had only managed to scratch the surface of its massive database. The Minister of Computer Science Professor Daryl Embry was also in charge in the oversight of the Center.

In 2027, a unknown alien race of invaders had attacked the Earth and in order to combat this threat, the Security Council agreed to give control of the EVE to Colonel B. D. Andrews. However, unknown to many, the real Andrews had been killed and replaced with a Simulagent who was working for the invaders in space. After taking control of the facility, he removed all the previous staff and replaced them with men loyal to him. (Robotech: The Movie)

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