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Jesus Barrero (born 26 July 1958, died 2016) was a Mexican voice actor better known for doing the voice of Luke Skywalker from the Original Trilogy of Star Wars, Saiya from Saint Saiya (Caballeros del Zodiaco in Latin America) and Rex from Toy Story. He performed the Voices of Rick Hunter, Lynn Kyle, Sean Phillips, Louie Nichols (some episodes), and Scott Bernard in the original Spanish dub of Robotech.

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Chiissu Chiissu 4 days ago

Dream with Robotech and Blue Rays

I dreamed I was in this Sega Saturn game where you go through this graveyard and tunnels and got to a locked gate. I drove through it but the passage to the next area  had chains around it and I fought undead. 1 part had me at my grandma's place and…

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Chiissu Chiissu 6 days ago

Light Dream About Robotech

I dreamed of an alternate take on Robotech where in Season 2 they were Zentraedi and called Microns or Micro-Zentraedi or  something and wondered how they'd deal with the legal issue of not being allowed to say Zentraedi in newer animation. Also was…

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