Robotechnology was a highly advanced as well as unique field of science developed by the Tirolian scientist Zor.

In 1999, Zor's Battle Fortress crashed onto the planet Earth where the native Human inhabitants transferred from the vessel's databanks the alien technology to the Robotech Computer Center. By the year 2009, an alien search party had arrived above Earth, their search for the lost databank and the Protoculture Matrix led to a devastating conflict between the United Earth Government and the invaders. Ultimately, the forces of Earth managed to prevail, but at a great cost with the planet devastated, leading to a long period of reconstruction. (Robotech: The Movie)

However, this was not the end of the threat as in 2027 a second alien armada arrived with the intention of reclaiming their lost technology after which they planned to destroy the Earth. (Robotech: The Movie)

Use of Robotechnology

After the Macross Incident, most of the United Earth Military equipment was created with the Science of Robotechnology such as: The VF-1 Veritech, the Tomahawk Destroid and most of the Earth's Fleet.


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