Prelude to Battle Rudolf

Rudolph stops to talk to Leonard. (Masters Saga: "Prelude to Battle")


Rudolph was the name of a high-ranking official during the Second Robotech War, who was a part of the Command Staff of the Army of the Southern Cross.


During an early battle of the Second Robotech War, during which the Southern Cross was experiencing difficulties fighting the enemy flagship which had crashlanded near Monument City, he suggested attacking the craft with all of the troops at once, wiping them out completely. Colonel Antoine Rochelle noted that the plan was too risky: if the battle turned, it could be the end for the Earth forces. Rolf Emerson declared that the only choice was to pull back their forces in order to create a new plan.

Emerson later declared a plan for a team to infiltrate the ship to attempt to learn the secrets of the Masters. Leonard suggested that the 15th Squadron was the only team qualified for such an attack: a fact that everyone but Emerson (and including Rudolph) agreed with. Emerson gave Rudolph the task out outlaying the battle proposal to the squadron's commander, Lieutenant Dana Sterling. In the hall, Leonard told Rudolph to inform Dana that the mission was a direct order, and not a proposition, knowing that Emerson's attachment to Bowie Grant was holding back the plan. Rudolph accepted the order. (Masters Saga: "Prelude to Battle")


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