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Rick earns his patch for the mission. (Robotech II: The Sentinels: The Invid Must Die!)

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Members of each of the races of the Local Group.

The Sentinels were a coalition of worlds that were part of the Robotech Masters empire.

After the collapse of their Empire, the Masters abandoned Tirol and left their conquered planets vulnerable to attack at the hands of the Regent. These planets banded together to fight off the Invid and with the help of the SDF-3 managed to free their worlds. In gratitude, the Sentinels decided to repay their debt to the Robotech Expeditionary Force by providing their help.

They first encountered the REF when the Farrago arrived at Tirol. The Sentinels met with the REF's Diplomatic Council. They claimed that the vessel was their prison but they escaped from the clutches of the Regent. (Robotech II: The Sentinels: Pursued) The REF agreed to help them, and 1,000 volunteers from the expedition were transferred to the Farrago, including both Admiral Hunters. In order to maintain chain of command, all ensigns were promoted to Lieutenant.

Among the races of the Sentinels included the technologically advanced Haydonites and industrialized Karbarrans. Other members included the Garudans, Praxians, Spherisians and Perytonians.

Their first major operation was the Liberation of Karbarra.

The name came from the Zentraedi term for Watchmen who say "this place I protect with my life. Meddle here and one of us will die." (Robotech II: The Sentinels: Pursued)





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